I’m Nolen, although on the internet I often go by eieio1.

Are you looking to get in touch with me? I’d love that. You can tweet at me or email me or check out my itch.io. You can also find me on cohost, mastadon, bluesky, tiktok, or threads. God that’s a lot of platforms. Listing out all of those platforms makes me anxious. can’t wait to be on fewer platforms.

If you’re in New York I’d also love to get coffee! Thankfully there’s not a platform for that one.

I spent the last ~10 years employed as a software engineer. At the end of 2022 I left my job to learn to build games (and build some other fun stuff along the way). That’s what this blog is about. Maybe you already knew that.

I spent the fall of 2023 at Recurse Center in Brooklyn. Recurse is like a writers retreat for programming and is a great place to improve as a developer and meet folks that are cool, creative, talented, and kind. If you like this blog you should consider applying.

From 2016 to 2022 I worked at Jane Street Capital, a lovely place where you get to write OCaml and talk about types and functions all day. I did some fun stuff there; i’ll tell you about it over coffee.

It’s ancient history now, but prior to Jane Street I had jobs at Deepfield Networks and AWS. I guess I had some jobs before that too, but you’re probably not here to hear about how great being a camp counselor was2.

  1. my sister’s first word! isn’t that cute? 

  2. email me if you are though.