I’m Nolen Royalty. I build weird stuff. On the internet I often go by eieio1.

I like building games in surprising places and helping strangers interact over the internet. The web was fun when I was a kid and it should have stayed that way.

The best ways to keep up with my work are substack and twitter. You can also find me on

I started this site in March of 2023. You can see everything I’ve built over here. I built many of my favorite things at Recurse Center, a writers retreat for programmers that is a great place to get weird (or to learn!). If you like my work you should consider applying.

My last real job was at the quantitative trading firm Jane Street Capital; I spent about 7 lovely years there. It’s ancient history now but prior to Jane Street I had jobs at Deepfield Networks and AWS. I guess I had some jobs before that but you’re probably not here to hear about how much I loved being a camp counselor2.

I’m based out of New York. I love talking to people! Shoot me an email or tweet at me!

  1. my sister’s first word! isn’t that cute? 

  2. email me if you are though.