• Genre: Competitive toungue twister
  • Links: play it right here or play it on itch
  • Engine: A little hand-rolled javascript
  • Time Spent: ~4 hours one evening
  • Other Stuff: I built this game at Recurse Center, a magical place that functions like a writers retreat for programmers. Consider applying!

In Wub you’re prompted to say some silly phrases while a timer plays. When you finish saying the silly phrases the timer stops. The first phrase you say is “wub wub1.” That’s why it’s called wub.

wub wub wub wub wub

That’s it! There are like 15 phrases in the game. Try it out here.

It’s built on top of the (experimental) web speech API which made it really trivial to stand up a game like this, although I think it only works in Chrome right now.

Originally I was hoping that the game could be built entirely on nonsense words, including words that were very hard to pronounce. But the speech api tries very hard to fashion your speech into actual english words so I wasn’t able to go quite as far in that direction as I wanted to. I guess I’ll have to train my own model :)

  1. Interestingly, the API does a better job of detecting the phrase “wub wub” than detecting a single wub!