I made a newsletter. It’s here, on substack. Then I wrote a post on my blog about making a substack. It’s here, on my blog, which you’re reading right now.

Having another platform for posting text feels a little silly. I am on a horrifying number of platforms already. But newsletters are different than blogs. They’re having a Moment. They’re good for audience engagement. Thinking about audience engagement is not good for my mood, but having a platform is.

So I made a substack! I’ll use it to send out high-signal updates about my work such as:

  1. Announcements of larger things like stranger.video
  2. Occasional aggregations of things like wub and my computer tells me to go to bed
  3. (maybe) longer columns, if I end up writing any

I think this will let me continue to post small things on my site without spamming subscibers of the substack.

I spent November thinking about my goals for 2024, which lead to me making a substack, which means that I’ll forever associate my substack with my 2024 goals. I also spent November going viral in Japan, an experience I’ll forever associate with not yet having a substack for folks to subscribe to.

I’m working on a post recapping 2023 and looking at my goals for 2024. In the meantime, make sure to like and subscribe.